Season 2 Begins.

After a lengthy hiatus, we return with season 2. 

You may ask, whats a season 2 of a podcast? Well, in our case its the same stuff packed in a different wrapper with some new intro music. Seriously, we like to keep it fresh round these parts.

We also have our first ever Game Mechanics Guest! He shows us how to Halo. Join us as we try to keep David from sharing too many of his secrets on the podcast, as we cover topics like: Teaching kids to persevere when they're losing; how to enjoy the time playing rather than focusing on winning; and finally, listen as we clumsily muddle through some of our favorite music in games.

All that, and however many more side topics we can fit in, on this season 2 episode 1 of the game mechanics podcast.

Our break music is:

Fantastique [STOP 2X2 #04] (Fancy Mike) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0