I’ve been playing FTL a lot.  A LOT…

I’d played a ton of it before the Advanced Edition then started all over again when the update came out.  I’d dropped all my achievements and saves and worked my way back through unlocking all the ships, trying out the new rooms, augments, weapons, drones.  I found the Advanced Edition more difficult in general, but only just.  Mostly that’s because you can occasionally encounter an enemy that’s ready made to cause you grief, hacking your shields or teleporter or otherwise making things a challenge.  That’s especially true (SPOILER ALERT) at the end of the game, where the Rebel Flagship is that much more deadly because of a couple of choice drones and systems that can come into play.

But I was still able to beat the game consistently like before.  One in four games roughly, if I had to guess. 

But that was always on Easy.  One in four on EASY.  Zero for a couple dozen on Normal.  Still, I’d managed to learn a few tricks, had gotten pretty good I thought.  However, after a discussion with The Crew1, where I’d boasted about my skills (*1), then had to admit they were “easy” skills, I took up Myk’s challenge of playing on Normal.(*2)

 It took about a dozen tries, but I just got my first Normal Victory.

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War... War Never Changes...

War… war never changes…

But Fallout does. 

<Only the most minor of spoilers follow>

I never finished Fallout New Vegas.  There are various reasons for that, though mostly it was user error.  I went off the rails early on.  Rather than following the main storyline, I wandered, explored, killed whatever generally bad things that crossed my path.  By the time I actually got to New Vegas I was a level 30 killing machine, maxed out on perks, carrying a small arsenal of high end weapons and generally able to scoff at a herd of Deathclaws and Cybernetic Enhanced Super Mutants (those don’t really exist, but they totally should).

To top it off, I’d already gone out of order on a few things, destroying some major locations that figured rather prominently in the main storyline later on.  Oops.

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The Heart Is A Tool.

Dishonored is a interesting game, of which I am two minds.

First, for those who don't know what Dishonored is: its a stealth game (or not) where you play as Corvo Attano, Lord Protector to the Empress and Princess. The Empress has dispatched Corvo on a diplomatic mission to seek aid from neighboring cities in dealing with a plague which has descended upon your home town Dunwall.

Upon his (your) return, the empress is assainated, the princess kidnapped, Corvo wounded and framed for the murder and disappearance of the princess, thrown in jail where he is visited by "The Outsider" and given powers with which he may seek revenge.

That lays out the games story, but we're not here to talk about that. I want to break down a really interesting mechanic in the game, that I think is being largely ignored, but changed the way I approached the game at a basic level: The Heart

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Wither The Witcher 2

It was shorter than I recall, which makes me think I missed a lot of side missions.  I wound up on a different 'side' this time, without meaning to be and mostly just went with it, even knowing I was often in the wrong or on the wrong side of the conflict at times.

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